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Behind The Presidential Curtain Inside Out Of Real Paul Kagame F




Marara was the personal bodyguard of Kigeli and he accompanied Kigeli to almost all his public engagements including the massacres in both Rwanda and Burundi in which Kigeli participated. Marara explained how the bodyguard was given special instructions on how to provide protection of the prince when he travelled, the orders from Kigeli and his trusted officers. Marara discusses the background of these commands, and the strategies and tactics developed by the Kagame close protection teams. Marara reveals for the first time the scope of the bodyguard's activities and the techniques and methods used by Kigeli to deceive the outside world. Marara has also included chapters in English and French. I am sure the book will be of interest not only to scholars of RPF, but also to anybody who is interested in guerrilla warfare and close protection and who cares to see the close protection activities of this organization. But there are two main reasons why I would like to recommend this book: First, the author is the former close protection officer of RPF's Kigeli. He is a highly trained and very experienced former bodyguard. He is familiar with the system, the environment and all the challenges encountered in the close protection of the RPF leaders. This provides the reader a clear picture of this system. In particular, the close protection provided to the RPF leaders by the bodyguard of RPF is the subject of the book. In that respect, the book gives a detailed and unique insight into the close protection system of RPF. It would be an essential reference for anybody who has an interest in guerrilla warfare and in close protection. Secondly, this book can be read in a highly professional manner. In the introduction Marara claims to have written it in a "manner to produce a book that will impress both Burundians and RPF sympathizers alike" (p.3). It is not only a professional achievement, but also an act of great political courage. Many Burundians, particularly the majority of Burundians who are RPF sympathizers and who have grievances against RPF, may find in this book evidence of RPF bodyguards' aggression and violence. Marara's objective in writing this book is to explain the bodyguards' responsibilities and the background of the violence and humiliation encountered in some situations. He also wants to remove the negative connotation, which the Burundian RPF bodyguards and their close protection system have and which may have existed since RPF came to power



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Behind The Presidential Curtain Inside Out Of Real Paul Kagame F

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